The Snooker Room

We have two well-maintained first class snooker tables and storage facilities for cues.

Members pay no further fees for playing games of snooker.  There are no light meters, so you can always be sure to finish your game without the threat of the lights going out.  You simply switch on the lights when you need them, and off when you are finished!

There is a serving hatch between the bar and the snooker room and ample seating around the tables so that you can have a chat with friends while waiting for a game.

Signing up for a Game

If you want to play, all you need to do is to chalk up your initials on small blackboard in the room.  To ensure that as many people get to play we insist on 'fours' while there is a demand, but it is just about always possible get a game of singles earlier or later in the evening, or virtually any time during the day when the bar is closed.

No League Snooker

Apart from the internal competitions, all games are on a friendly and social basis.  We do not have teams in local leagues.  This means the club is always available for members to have a game.  There is no evening blocked out by league snooker.


Every month or so we usually have a special evening competition with a pie and pea supper. Everyone signing up, gets a chance to play two games. The person with the highest aggregate points wins!


We have four internal championships:

Apart from the 'Scratch' competition, all the others involve handicaps.  This means weaker players will get several points 'start' when facing stronger players.  It also means that more people get a chance to win!